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Active PolyWash Powder Detergent
Active PolyWash Powder Detergent Active PolyWash Powder Detergent Active PolyWash Powder Detergent

Active PolyWash Powder Detergent

  • form: powder
  • fragrance: perfume
  • weight: 500 / 2000 grams
  • each box contains: 6-24 box
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Some of the features of Active poly-wash washing machine powder are:

Effective prevention of dirt from sitting on the clothes:

Active poly-wash powder acts like a net that protects the clothes against reinsertion of the insoluble dirt and stains in washing water.

High stain removing power:

Having different enzymes in its formulation, Active poly-wash powder penetrates into the fiber structure and eliminates hard stains such as all types of grease stains, coffee, tea, sauce, and other common stains and brightens and cleans the clothes.

Using natural softeners:

This product uses natural softeners to soften the clothes (easy ironing).

Usable in cold water:

Active poly-wash powder is suitable for white and colored clothes, and stabilizes clothes and fabric color with the ability to wash in cold water.

Protecting washing machine:

Active poly-wash powder protects the internal components of the washing machine from corrosion and makes the machine work longer without leaving any residue on the components.       

Reducing energy consumption:

Trough easy and quick cleaning of the stains as well as ability to wash in cold water, this product reduces energy consumption, and it helps the family economy by protecting the washing machine and increasing the durability of valuable clothes.

The amount of powder required for a proper washing depends on the amount of dirt on the clothes and water harness. Choose the appropriate powder amount according to water hardness and the amount of dirt on the clothes:

-half-dirty: two cups

-dirty: two and a half cup

-extremely dirty: three cups

1 cup = 125 mil = 50 grams


-keep away from children

-Avoid eye contact. In case of eye contact, wash with plenty of water and consult a physician.

-Use gloves.

-If swallowed, consult a physician after drinking some milk.

-Store in a dry and cool place.

-Not recommended for wool and silk.

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