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Active Bathroom Cleaner
Active Bathroom Cleaner

Active Bathroom Cleaner

  • form: liquid
  • fragrance: spring flowers
  • weight: 700 grams
  • each box contains: 12 bottles
  • Product Introduction
  • Instruction

Active bathroom and faucet cleaner completely eliminates water, lime, soap, and white stains left on chromium, nickel, and titanium faucets and makes the shiny and brilliant. Because of the presence of polymer materials in its composition, the Active faucet surface cleaner creates a thin coating on the faucet which slows up the formation of the germs on them. This product, with its unique formulation, does not damage the surfaces and thoroughly disinfects them.

Spray the liquid on the contaminated surface then wipe it with a damp cloth. In case of high contaminants, wipe the surface a few minutes after spraying.


-Keep away from children.

-It is better to avoid direct inhalation of the product in a closed environment.

-In case of eye contact, wash the eye with plenty of water and consult a physician.

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